Unless otherwise noted, all shows start at 7:30 pm and take place at The 7th Street Loft

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The lineup of LAFTA Main Stage concerts for the upcoming 2016-2017 concert season will be announced in July 2016. Please check back then for our concert schedule. Below is the list of shows for our recently-concluded 2015-2016 season.

LAFTA 2015-16 Main Stage Concert Season

========= Previous Shows This Season ================

Friday, September 11, 2015 - Diana Jones   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Diana Jones has reclaimed her Appalachian mountain heritage and emerged as an outstanding songwriter and musician who delivers enduring songs with a classic ruby-rich voice. Her songs explore love, loss, and redemption, themes that are as ancient as the hills yet as young as yesterday. While seemingly simple and plainspoken, they are in fact skillfully drawn pieces that weave together timeless melodies and deeply stirring lyrics. From the mournful lament of a dance hall girl to the stomping rant of a young woman’s burial instructions, each of her songs draws life from old-time country blues and mountain music.   

Friday, October 30, 2015 - Claire Lynch Band   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Claire Lynch is probably Alabama’s best-known contribution to the Bluegrass world. Hailed as "One of the Ten Best Angelic Voices of Our Time", she has collected several IBMA awards and has recorded nine albums. Her current band members are each highly-respected musicians in their own right: bass legend Mark Schatz; mandolin and guitar sensation Jarrod Walker; and Bryan McDowell, who completed a Winfield hat trick in 2009 by winning the fiddle, mandolin and flatpick guitar contests. This is their first appearance on the LAFTA stage.   

Saturday, November 21, 2015 - Bettman & Halpin    7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Bettman & Halpin (Stephanie and Luke, respectively) are earning a reputation for hypnotizing performances filled with irresistible lyrics, transcendant harmonies and roof-raising instrumentals. Their music creates a fully acoustic, delightfully eclectic sound far greater than the sum of its parts: up-tempo down-home fiddlin', soulful sorrowful ballads, and super hooky folk/pop with catchy melodies and lyrics that will stick with you long after the concert is over. Touring together since 2008, they have twice been a featured act at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield KS.   

Friday, January 29, 2016 - Ten Strings and a Goatskin   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Ten Strings and a Goatskin is comprised of three talented young men from Prince Edward Island, Canada. The music they make is very much a reflection of the traditions of their home, infused with youthful energy and modern sensibility. They borrow freely from Irish, Acadian, and French influences, playing standards from each of these genres as well as using them to craft unique and lively original compositions. Jesse Périard plays strings 1-6 (guitar), Rowen Gallant plays strings 7-10 (fiddle), and his brother Caleb handles goatskin duties (Bodhrán).   

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - Robin & Linda Williams   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
For more than 30 years, Robin & Linda Williams have performed the music they love. Today some might call it "Americana", but they were playing it 20 years before that label was turned into a radio format. Their stirring concerts have earned them a huge body of fans and made them frequent guests on public radio's A Prairie Home Companion. As gifted songwriters, Robin and Linda have earned an even rarer honor, the devotion and deep respect of such musical peers as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall.
Special Pricing:LAFTA member $17, nonmember $22.   

Saturday, March 5, 2016 - Matt & Shannon Heaton   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Matt and Shannon Heaton's warmth and virtuosity have made them a mainstay of the LAFTA stage. Though they hail from a Celtic background, they have spent considerable time steeping themselves in a diverse palette of musical traditions. They have a fine repertoire of original songs in addition to a solid command of Celtic traditional tunes. They seamlessly blend a variety of different instruments (guitar, accordion, Irish flute, bouzouki) into their performances. Their playing is masterful and inventive, their arrangements city-smart and spacious. Still, they never forget that Irish music is, at its heart, a neighborly form, meant for sharing, not showing off.   

Saturday, March 26, 2016 - Jacob Johnson   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Jacob Johnson is a bright, young, energetic multi-dimensional guitarist from South Carolina. He grabs attention with his flashy guitar pyrotechnics while his songwriting, vocals, engaging personality and performance style really set him apart. Jake sounds like Norman Rockwell paintings and the open road. He has blended and blurred the lines of genres to create a style he describes as "Neo-Acoustic Folk/Funk". The guitar is not just an instrument in the hands of Jacob Johnson – it's his soul-mate.   

Friday, April 15, 2016 - John McCutcheon   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
John McCutcheon performed the first LAFTA concert nearly 35 years ago and is one of our all-time favorites. This multi-talented folk master has written hundreds of songs, completed 36 albums and garnered a host of accolades including 6 Grammy nominations in his 45+ year career. Ballads, historical and children’s songs, political satire, fiddle and dulcimer instrumentals and even symphonic works make his eclectic catalog one of the broadest in American Folk Music.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 - Sustaining the Roots Music Collectives in Nebraska: An evening with Prairie Dog Music and Sower Records   7th Street Loft, 7:30 PM
Prairie Dog Music is an independent music label featuring country blues, American folk and bluegrass, and other forms of traditional music. Sower Records is a collection of artists steeped in the styles of American roots music, a combination of the old and new—influenced as much by old-time and bluegrass music as they are by rock, jazz and country. The LAFTA 2015-16 season finale will feature Prairie Dog artists Steve Hanson, Jim Pipher, Steve Blazek, Chris Sayre, Mike Mattison, Ed Harvey, Andy Miller, and Sam Packard. The Bottle Tops, Jack Hotel, and Andrea Von Kampen will perform from Sower Records.

The festivities begin at 6:00 with GumboFest 2016 featuring Dr. John Walker's Hot Flash "Makes You Feel Like a Real Woman" gumbo, Okie style peach cobbler, and chicken pickin' cornbread.    Tickets    Concert Poster:  pdf

================ Previous Seasons ================

September 2014 - Winfield Winners
October 2014 - Brad Colerick
November 2014 - Rita Hosking with Sean Feder
January 2015 - The Chapin Sisters
February 2015 - The Haunted Windchimes
March 2015 - Krista Detor
April 2015 - Notorious
May 2014 - Finnders and Youngberg

September 2013 - Joe Crookston
October 2013 - The Honey Dewdrops
November 2013 - Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line
January 2014 - Jalan Crossland
February 2014 - John McCutcheon
March 2014 - Alasdair Fraser & Cali McKasson
April 2014 - Paddywhack with Dan Newton
May 2014 - Lincoln Women's Showcase

September 2012 - Sandy Creek Bluegrass
October 2012 - The Steel Wheels
November 2012 - Finnders and Youngberg
January 2013 - Diana Jones
March 2013 - Tracy Grammer
April 2013 - Matt & Shannon Heaton
May 2013 - Mountain Smoke
May 2013 - The Rain Dogs

September 2011 - Winfield Winners
October 2011 - Eliza Gilkyson
November 2011 - The Greencards
December 2011 - Monroe Crossing
January 2012 - The Toasted Ponies
February 2012 - Neal & Leandra
March 2012 - Joe Crookston
April 2012 - Garnet Rogers
May 2012 - Prairie Dog Social

September 2010 - Bluegrass Crusade
October 2010 - Tommy Sands
November 2010 - Marley's Ghost
January 2011 - Jalan Crossland
February 2011 - New Riverside Ramblers
March 2011 - Jeff Black
April 2011 - Catie Curtis

September 2009 - Prairie Dog Social
October 2009 - Matt & Shannon Heaton
December 2009 - The Bobs
January 2010 - Lonesome Traveler
February 2010 - Driftwood Fire
March 2010 - Paddywhack with Dan Newton
April 2010 - Chris Smither

September 2008 - Café Accordion Orchestra
October 2008 - Darden Smith
November 2008 - Monroe Crossing Band
January 2009 - Garnet Rogers
February 2009 - Neal and Leandra
March 2009 - Jalan Crossland Band
April 2009 - The Shaw Brothers with Steve Hanson

September 2007 - Kusi Taki
October 2007 - Mike & Amy Finders
November 2007 - Marley's Ghost
December 2008 - Laurie McClain
January 2008 - Jeff Black Band
February 2008 - Jackie Tice
March 2008 - Diana Jones
March 2008 - Prairie Dog CD Release Party
April 2008 - Robin & Linda Williams

September 2006 - Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
October 2006 - Tracy Grammer
November 2006 - Bill Staines
January 2007 - Greg Brown
February 2007 - The Stringtown Castenets
March 2007 - Bluegrass Crusade
April 2007  - John McCutcheon

2005-06 (flyer)
September 2005 - Eliza Gilkyson
October 2005 - Bluegrass Patriots
November 2005 - The Waybacks
January 2006 - Jeff Black
February 2006 - Neal and Leandra
March 2006 - Paddywhack Reunion
April 2006 - Cliff Eberhardt
May 2006 - The Shaw Brothers

2004-05 (flyer)
September 2004 - Vance Gilbert
October 2004 - Richard Thompson
November 2004 - Catie Curtis
January 2005 - Greg Brown
February 2005 - Café Accordion Orchestra
March 2005 - Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum
April 2005 - Tom Russell with Andrew Hardin
May 2005 - Tennessee HeartStrings Band

2003-04 (flyer)
September 2003 - Doc Watson
(Collaboration with the Lied Center)
October 2003 - Laura Love Duo
November 2003 - Joel Mabus

January 2004 - Neal and Leandra
February 2004 - GrooveLily
March 2004 - Robin and Linda Williams and Their Fine Group
April 2004 - Cheryl Wheeler
May 2004 - Dave Moore

September 2002 - Cosy Sheridan

October 2002 - John Hammond
November 2002 - Laura Love Duo
January 2003 - Ray Bonneville
February 2003 - Bluegrass Crusade
March 2003 - Cliff Eberhardt

April 2003 - Garnet Rogers
May 2003 - Kate Campbell

September 2001 - John Prine and Iris DeMent
(Collaboration with the Lied Center)
October 2001 - Colcannon
November 2001 - Dana Robinson
January 2002 - Neal and Leandra
February 2002 - Songwriter's Sweatshop
February 2002 - Children's Concert 
March 2002 - Daddy Squeeze and the Doctor
April 2002 - Robin and Linda Williams
May 2002 - Buffalo Gals

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